Steven Gao

PRODUCT + UX/UI Designer

Product designer in the Toronto area. Specializing in product and UX/UI design.
Passionate about creative problem solving with an unconventional style.
Looking to contribute to an awesome team from Spring 2020!
778-903-0046 (Cell)  |

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Indie rhythm game redesigned.
Analyzing similar games to create an unique visual identity and set a new standard for great user experience.

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Steam UI Redesign

The Steam client reimagined.
Designing with a community focus for a better user experience and a more robust platform for the company.

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More Projects

Some of the projects I've done over the course of my time in the Global Business and Digital Arts program, in reverse chronological order.
Beware, some of the earlier works are very rough. If you'd like to see more, let me know!

Koolen Fine Arts

UX/UI DESIGN, Web Design

Redesign of Koolen Fine Art's existing website.

Fried Chicken Co.

UX/UI DESIGN, Web Design

A website for a fictional startup of my favourite food of all time.



Room reservation app for students, by students.

Web Design, UX/UI DESIGN

Website & App for a student housing chatbot.